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  •     Name of EquipmentLABTOP® Micro Controller Based VDR Shaker
        Control SystemMicro controller based speed indicator cum controller with digital display
        PlatformUniversal Platform to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes for different capacity of flasks
        Auto restartAuto- restart at preset RPM in case of power failure
        Timer 0-99 minutes
        Display LED
        Material of construction ABS molded
        Load capacity 3kg /8 kg
        Dimensions 280 x 270 x 110
        Direction Reverse and forward available on LOS-30
        Power Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz.
        Platform Interchangeable
        Motor Brushless D. C. Motor
        Drive Variable Drive
        Speed accuracy ± 1 rpm
        Certifications ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485 : 2012
        Documentations LABTOP will provide user manual and calibration reports


Cat. No. Platform size Amplitude Speed Dimensions (mm)
LOS-10 30 x 30 cms Ø 10 mm 50 – 300 rpm 280 x 270 x 110
LOS-20 30 x30 cms Ø 20 mm 50 – 250 rpm 280 x 270 x 110
LOS-30 30 x30 cms Ø 15 mm 50 – 250 rpm 320 x 350 x 145


PF-1 Flat platform with non slip rubber mat Suitable for Petri dishes
PF-12 Platform with holder suitable for 100 ml flask of 12 nos.
PF-6 Platform with holder suitable for 250 ml flask of 6 nos.
UP-1 Universal platform with adjustable bars for different size of flask and bottles