Multi Tube Vortex Mixer

  • multi-tube-vortex-mixer

  •     Name of the Equipment LABTOP® Micro Controller Based Multi Tube Biomixer
        Control System Micro controller based controller with LCD display
        Display Speed and time
        Amplitude 3.6 mm
        Speed 500 – 2500 rpm
        Speed accuracy ± 25
        Timer 0-99.99 Hrs
        Alarm Audio Visual
        Dimensions of the tray 31 x 18cm
        Outer Dimensions 426 x 250 x 480mm
        MOC Mild steel powder coated
        Power Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz.
        Company certifications ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012
        Documentations User manual and calibration report
Cat.No Speed range rpm Accuracy rpm
LBM-100 500 – 2500 ± 25


Cat.No Capacity of test tubes Size of Holder
LBM-101 50 x Φ10mm 245x132x45
LBM-102 50 x Φ12mm 245x132x45
LBM-103 50 x Φ13mm 245x132x45
LBM-104 50 x Φ16mm 245x132x45
LBM-105 50 x Φ25mm 245x132x45
LBM-106 50 x Φ29mm 245x132x45
LBM-107 Tray Holder 305x178.5x25