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Cryoprecipitate Baths


Labtop Cryoprecipitate Bath is designed for safe and reliable thaw of fresh frozen plasma for the recovery of cryoprecipitate at 4.0°C Labtop micro controller based plasma thawing bath is table top model designed for quick thawing of Frozen plasma at 37.0ºC and it is a non refrigerated version of cryoprecipitate bath


The cabinet of Labtop baths is insulated with high density CFC free Poly Urethane Foam and the stainless steel seamless inner chamber (SS 316) is eliminating the possibility of rust and leaks, and the rounded corners are easy to clean.


The cooling is effected by CFC free refrigeration system with a condensing unit located inside the chamber. Labtop condensing units are characterised by high-efficiency heat transfer and low power consumption.




Technical Specifications
Cat. No. LTB -5 LTB -20 LPB-5 LPB-20
No of Plasma Bags 4 15 4 15
Temperature °C 37.0 4.0
Accuracy °C ± 0.2
Control system Micro control
Bath Volume (Ltrs) 5 20 5 20
Bath Size (mm) 150 x 300 x 150 500 x 300 x 150 150 x 300 x 150 500 x 300 x 150
Power (W) 300 500 600 750
Voltage (VAC) 230 , 50/60Hz
External Size (mm) 200 x 490 x 260 350 x715 x 310 320 x 650 x 570 450 x 860 x 660
Packing Size (mm) 327 x 620 x 390 480 x 850 x510 450 x 780 x 770 580 x 990 x 880
Net Weight (Kg) 10 15 36 60
Gross Weight 15 23 50 80


LABTOP offers IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ validation with documentation, reports, calibration and test certificates
The equipment is calibrated with the help of master calibrator, which is certified for its accuracy by Electronics Regional Testing Laboratory (ERTL West) Government of India recognized testing laboratory with traceable reference to National Physical Laboratories (NPL).
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