Dry bath Cooling and Heating Incubator

  • Dry bath Cooling and Heating  Incubator

  •     Name of EquipmentLABTOP® Micro Controller Based Dry Bath Incubator
        Control SystemMicro controller based temperature indicator cum controller with LCD display and PT 100 sensor.
        Display Set Value and Process Value
        PowerWorks on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz
        Timer 0-99.99 Hrs
        MOCABS molded
        AlarmAudio visual
        Safety featureSafety cut off in Case of overshoot of temperature
        Company Certifications ISO: 13485: 2012 , ISO 9001: 2008 and CE


Cat. No. Temperature range Accuracy Heating/cooling
LDB-10 RT + 5 to 100°C ±0.5°C Heater
LDB-20C -10 to 105°C ± 0.5°C Peltier


Cat. No. No. of Test tube Size of Test Tubes
LHB-A 96 0.2ml
LHB-B 54 0.5ml
LHB-C 35 1.5ml
LHB-D 35 2.0ml
LHB-E 15 + 20 0.5ml + 1.5ml
LHB-F 24 12mm
LHB-G 12 15ml
LHB-H 6 50 ml
LHB-I 1 103x67x30 mm
LHB-J 1 96x0.2 ml
LHB-K 24 5ml
LHB-L 1 96 deep well plate